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Stay Fit, Reduce Stress, & Belong to a Healthy Online Community, While Supporting Local Small Businesses!
(All From the Comfort of Your Own Home)

Donation Options:

14 Day CrossFit Trumbull Challenge ($50 Donation) | 14 Day CrossFit Trumbull Challenge ($100 Donation)

14 Day CrossFit Trumbull Challenge ($200 Donation) | 14 Day CrossFit Trumbull Challenge ($500 Donation)


It's a challenging time for local small businesses like ours, but we're here to prove that our community is stronger together.

How the 14 Day CrossFit Trumbull At-Home Challenge Works

Welcome To The 14 Day At-Home Challenge:

1. You make a donation in the amount of your choice. (From as little as $50 to as much as $500)

50% of that donation will be used to purchase gift cards from local small businesses. (Then we'll give the gift card to you, when you complete the challenge.)

50% of that donation will be used to help ensure our part-time coaches receive their regular paycheck.

2. Let's Go Virtual! Get access to our Live Virtual Training Sessions!

Our virtual training sessions allow you to get the same group session experience as you would in the gym. 

- You will receive a daily 30-40 minute workout emailed to you EVERYDAY at 6 PM for the following day; designed for at-home training with or without weights using typical household items!

- Unlike some virtual training we warm you up for a kick ass workout!

- You will get a WOD Brief to inform you of the best way to attack the scheduled workout.

- Our live sessions are M/F – 730am, T/TH – 9am, W – 5pm, and Sat – 830am.

- All sessions are recorded, so if you can't make it live, you can do the workouts any time, any place.

- Your kids/significant other are welcome to join you in the sessions. Name a better way to spend quality off time than with family and name a better way to interact than with a Virtual workout!!!

3. You become a part of our CFT community

Our relationship doesn’t end when the virtual class ends. We would love to have you share with us your successes, ask nutrition questions, send us your sweaty selfies or post anything to our IG or FB page that will help us all become happier, healthier, and stronger.


4. When you attend 6 live virtual training sessions, you choose your favorite local small business and we will use 50% of your donation to buy you a gift card from that business.

 It's a truly a win-win-win:

 - You stay active and healthy during these crazy times AND get a gift card to your favorite local business.
 - Your favorite business gets some much needed cash flow during these difficult times.
 - We can support our part-time coaches and have the opportunity to introduce you to our community.



Why Are We Doing This?

Our names are Chris Arnold and Jodi Marcucio. We are the owners of CrossFit Trumbull.

At CrossFit Trumbull, we are more than just 4 walls with some equipment. We are local fitness leaders who really care about our communities. During this stressful time, we are looking to deliver you some peace and happiness through fitness as an investment in the future of yourself, our community, & our business.

Contact our team at CrossFit Trumbull and schedule a remote consultation. We'll talk about your goals, your fitness history, your unique needs, and how we can make your goals happen. Our Online Training makes fitness accessible to your and your family!

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